Clone the repository cyberland.lua with the command git clone ssh://


My client.

Reading a thread

User manual

To read the last 10 messages from the board /t/ do

cyberland read t 10

To read the fist 20 posts from the thread 720 on the board /x/ do

cyberland read x 20 720

Note: the replies to a thread are fetched recursively so you will see the reply to replies, the replies to replies to replies and so on.

To see a catalog of the 13 last OP on the board /o/ do

cyberland catalog o 13

Note: OP are posts replying to 0 or null

To post "Hitler was kind of a bad guy." to /n/ do

cyberland post n "Hitler was kind of a bad guy."

To reply "Cute" to the thread 1730 on the board /o/ do

cyberland post o "Cute" 1730

If you want to post a picture of the file cute.png to /i/ with the caption "How cute is it?" do

cyberland picture i cute.png "How cute is it?"

Note: You need to have viu ( installed ans in your $PATH. You can also reply to a post with an image by adding the ID of the post you reply to after the message. The message can be an empty string if you only wish to post a picture.

To know the OP from the thread 113 from the board /t/ do

cyberland OP t 113

To read the full context of the thread 456 from the board /t/ starting from the OP and with all answers do

cyberland fullThread t 456

If you want to quickly see if there is a new post on the server, you can do

cyberland new_posts

Note: this command requires that you give the server's URL without http:// or https:// in front of the URL.

You should now have all the info you need to use this client.

Board selection

By default, this program tries to connect to I left in the code URLs of old Cyberland servers but they are not open. If you want to use an other server, simply use the full URL of the board.


To filter the content of some spammers, you can choose to ignore some posts by putting their content in the file ~/.config/cyberland.lua/filter. A post will be filtered out only if it matches exactly one of the lines of the file.


You need to have lua 5.3 installed to your machine.

Doing sudo make install should install it. I assume that you have a lua interpreter to the path /usr/local/bin/lua. If it is not the case, you should correct the first line of cyberland.lua.


This program uses and includes the json.lua librairy made by github user rxi and published under the MIT licence.

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