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Reflet GPU

A GPA for FPGAs with a test layer and a bitmap layer.

Example picture

The top module of the GPU is VGA_base/reflet_VGA.v.


The top modules parameters are:

The default are for a 1 MHz clock and a true-color 640x480 picture.


The top module have the following IOs:

Writing on the screen

Writing a letter

To write on the text layer, choose the letter with char_in. Choose the color of the letter with R_in, G_in, and B_in; and choose the background of the letter with R_bg_in, G_bg_in, and B_bg_in. Choose the position of the letter with h_pixel and v_pixel. This is the position of the letter on the text grid, not on a pixel count. Finally, set write_txt to one for at least a clock cycle.

Writing a pixel

To write a pixel, choose the color with R_in, G_in, and B_in. Choose the transparency with a_in. Choose the position of the pixel with v_pixel and h_pixel. Finally, set write_bitmap to one for at least a clock cycle.

Font used

The text layer uses the font Public Pixel made by GGBotNet under the license Creative Commons Zero v1.0 Universal.

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